Protect yourself. Protect others. Protect the NHS.

And help support Whiteleys Retreat while you do so.

Now that the Scottish Government have advised us all to wear face-coverings in enclosed spaces on the very rare occasions that we should be out and about, Whiteleys Retreat’s “buffs” have become rather popular. They are also a very elegant way of wearing something a bit stylish around your neck – which can easily be pulled up to cover your nose and mouth when required (and because they are made from elasticated material, they fit securely around your nose and mouth with no need for additional straps).

They are also a very visible way to show that you support Whiteleys Retreat (who in turn are VERY actively supporting our NHS staff).

These buffs can be bought directly from Whiteleys Retreat for just £12 (while stocks last of course). Proceeds support the ongoing, and rather amazing, work that they do.

To receive your very own buff/s, simply email Whiteleys directly at:

So why support Whiteleys Retreat? (I only just discovered this myself):

Normally, Whiteleys provide respite holidays for children with cancer, or other life-threatening conditions, and their families.

However, Whiteleys have now temporarily ceased their respite service – for obvious reasons (some cancer treatments, don’t just compromise the immune system, they absolutely trash it). So, instead, they have been freely accommodating NHS staff who are still working, but are isolating away from their families (so that by living elsewhere, it prevents them from exposing their family and friends to any virus that might be picked up at work – a HUGE commitment from NHS staff).

So, get yourself a buff today. And help support Whiteleys in their support of our NHS.

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