Winter Wonderwheels 2017. What a day!

Due to the progression of my own ataxia, Winter Wonderwheels was probably my last fundraising “walk” (but most definitely NOT my last ataxia fundraising/awareness-raising event).

And there’s nothing better than “Going Out with a Bang”.


The team. With team captain, Gold Medal winning Paralympian Susie Rodgers MBE.

It was such an amazing day, being surrounded by some truly inspiring people (and a few celebrities among them).

I had made it my objective to ambush as many celebrities as possible during the day, and photograph them as you’ve never seen them before. Wearing a “Jimmy Wig”!me-adam-hills

Adam Hills (The Last leg), Australian comedian – but honourary Scotsman!


Jonnie Peacock as you’ve never seen him before!


After the race. Team captain Susie sporting the ginger look.

My participation in the event was only possible with thanks to the following people:

Roy at Highlander/Debonair Kilts. First, for making the beautiful kilt which I have worn on these walks (it is the second kilt that I have bought from Debonair – which is a testament in itself), but mainly for helping me out logistically when I’m far from home. Again. It was Roy who, at extremely short notice (plus I was out of the country before the event), sent down the “Jimmy Wigs” to the event organisers for me to collect, which every very sporting celebrity was happy to wear.

And, of course, Hi-Tec Europe for supplying the walking boots which have carried my kilt, walking stick, and myself around Europe for the last two years.

And, finally, NFU Mutual in Ayr – for helping me to get on that plane in the first place.

Thank you all – so very, very much!

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