I was first introduced to the #pinksocks phenomenon by Alan Thomas, from ataxiaandme.org, almost a year ago.

And it was during my first real-life meeting with Alan yesterday, in Barcelona*, that I became a very happy member of the #pinksocks tribe.

So what’s all this #pinksocks about?

Connection. A personal connection.


[photo, of some very happy #pinksocks wearers, courtesy of pinksocks.life]

But rather than me try and explain it, here’s what the originator, Nick Adkins (a fellow daily kilt-wearer), has to say:


And as I’ve been giving Ataxia UK-branded balloons out as I walk, but only to those people who have helped my walk take place at all, I immediately recognised the significance of Alan’s gesture.

[the very kind people who helped me plod 500 miles down the Mediterranean coast of Spain last Summer: https://www.facebook.com/kiltedwalker/posts/903551669778464]

It may seem like a small, and rather insignificant, gesture. But it means something so very much bigger.

I will be forever grateful to Alan Thomas for inviting to join this wonderful tribe!

* We both found it funny that a Welshman and a Scotsman had to go all the way to Spain to meet.

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