Faro Airport.

Costa Coffee, and the owners of Faro Airport, will hate me for telling you this (but hopefully it will be worth it to you):

If you’re visiting Faro Airport soon; and after having checked-in your heavy luggage, are then looking to enjoy a coffee (and maybe something to eat), then you have two choices –

  1. Stay in the airport, and pay through the nose at Costa Coffee (and pay an even more wallet-busting amount if you want something to eat with your coffee); or
  2. Walk out the front door of the terminal, look across the car park (slightly to the left) for a large red CEPSA sign (it’s a petrol station), and walk there (about 200 meters). Inside the petrol station shop, is a little cafe – which serves delicious coffee for less than €1 (and some amazing Portuguese cakes and sandwiches).

It’s also a great place to recharge your devices while you relax (there are power sockets everywhere). And there is FREE wifi.

If any of this information helps you save a few quid, please consider making a donation to Ataxia UK:


Faro Hotels:

The two best sources of information for hotels in Faro are Trivago and Booking.com (just in case the hotel doesn’t appear on Trivago!)

Have you visited Faro airport? Please use the “Leave a Reply” feature below, to share any practical information that you have (it doesn’t need to be accessibility-related). Thank you. Iain.

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