Mallorca. I could be here for a wee while….

Following the path of least resistance; blue sky; and The KW Shop.

The end-point remains as planned: visit the most-popular visitor attractions in Europe (and further afield perhaps?), report on the actual accessibility of each, and create a web resource for future visitors to reference.

But how I get to that point *might* change (depending on external factors/decisions). Rather than visit the attractions first, then subsequently create the website when I return to Scotland as planned, I might actually do this in the reverse order: create the basic website now, and add my personal observations to it later (when I visit the attraction).

I am still waiting on a decision which will determine the route I take across northern Europe. And as I don’t really want to be walking (sliding) around when there is snow/ice on the ground, I either go now – or wait until next Spring!

And now that other decision I’m waiting on.

There is a chance that I will be staying in Mallorca for the next few months while I create the website. I’ll know soon.

But this leaves me with a problem. I had not budgeted for a prolonged stay. Not anywhere.

And this is where The KW Shop comes in.


To help fund my awareness-raising trips, some of the biggest names in UK retail pay me a few pennies for every purchase made via the shop (typically around 50p for every £10 spent). This doesn’t seem like a lot, but all of these pennies add up (and I have learned to live quite frugally when necessary).

And as a bonus, I get to hear in advance of any sales/special deals that are coming up.

So for the next wee while, probably until Xmas, expect loads of posts (here and on Facebook & Twitter) – as I’ll be passing this info on to you.

Happy bargain-hunting!

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