Day 5. Rest Day. Névian.

I want to say more about Couchsurfing, so will do so in a separate Couchsurfing post, but I really must refer to it here too.


Yes, this is Couchsurfing!

Without exception, everyone who I have met through Couchsurfing has been pretty special.

Every so often though, I am fortunate enough to meet someone whose warmth, whose friendliness – and whose Humanity in general – makes them stand head and shoulders above us mere mortals (if I was at all religious, and believed in Angels, then these would be them).

And in Névian, that person was Bernie!

Bernie, I am in awe of what you do. And you do so in the full knowledge that the loving bond that exists between you and a child may be broken in the near future. This doesn’t stop you from giving a child, an innocent child, a second chance at Life (in a safe, secure & loving home).

I just hope that even a miniscule amount of your Humanity has rubbed off on me.



One thought on “Day 5. Rest Day. Névian.

  1. Of course Iain, my humanity, my love, my hope, my faith, all the good is already in you, be sure of that ! Thank you so much for your kindness. I’m blessed to meet you. Be careful for all the rest of your life and above all, be happy ! Kisses from a sincere friend. Bernie 🙂

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