The First Step….

[photo credit:]

They say that every journey begins with a single step.

And my first step, to get to the starting point of my walk along the Canal du Midi in the south west of France, from where I am in Ayr, will be to head north & east!

To Edinburgh Airport!

And as my flight to the south of France leaves at silly o’clock on Wednesday morning, I will have to spend tomorrow night in the airport (with matchsticks keeping my eyes open I suspect).

The airport bible that is Sleeping In Airports suggests that I might have a long sleepless night ahead of me.

Weather-wise, having to head to Edinburgh first has turned out to be quite lucky, as I understand that it is a bit cloudier over there. I have just opened the curtains to yet another (!) cloudless sky here in Ayr.

And I really don’t like leaving Scotland when the sun is shining (unless it is shining brighter & warmer at my destination). So as the weather in the south of France has been worse than that in Ayr for the last few weeks, I’m off to do my Scottish Raindance!


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