Be part of it – and share the positive limelight!

As well as physically helping myself on these walks/trips (my GP did say to walk as far as possible – I doubt he meant *this* far though), I am also raising money for Ataxia UK, the registered ataxia charity here in the UK.

Therefore, wherever possible, I am trying to minimise expenses (as all funds which are not used during these “walks” are added to the funds that I have already raised for Ataxia UK).

So to help fund these awareness-raising events, I am seeking a limited number of “Major Supporters” of each event (Major Supporters’ logos are displayed at the top of the relevant page – and the logos linked to their official websites), and an unlimited number of general supporters (who will be listed at the foot of the relevant page – including links to websites and social media pages).

And the good news for all supporters?

This is now a very visible event.

It has to be.

As my main aim for these walks/trips (over-and-above raising funds for Ataxia UK), is to raise public awareness of the ataxia condition.

As a result of this, I am always looking for positive publicity.

Which, in turn, generates extremely positive, and widespread, PR for my supporters too (the people who actually make these walks possible in the first place).

And I’m now extremely happy to report that the national media (here in Scotland), as well as media outlets in France & Italy, are now reporting on these events:

There are 3 different ways (including an absolutely cost-free option) that you can help fund the continuation of these awareness-raising/fundraising events and, by doing so, become an integral part of them:

Option 1. Major Supporters.

As with previous walks, I envisage only a handful of major supporters for each event.

Major Supporters’ logos are displayed on the page detailing the event (and these logos are linked directly to the official websites of the supporter).

In addition to this permanent feature, major supporters are “tagged” in various social media posts, and their products/services/support are highlighted as being vital to my walks. For an example, please see how Hi-Tec (a supporter of my Spanish walk – they are my walking boot suppliers) are mentioned/promoted in this article that I posted on Facebook (with a photograph of their product/boots of course):

The cost of becoming a major supporter of an event is just £250.

As previously stated, all funds that are unused at the end of the walk will be added to the sum donated to Ataxia UK.

I use PayPal to securely process all financial transactions. They do take a small commission for processing the payment, but I have found that this is the most cost-effective way to collect funds for each event.

If you would like to become a Major Supporter of  any event, and help make it happen, please click the PayPal “Buy Now” button below:

Buy Now Button

Option 2. General Supporters.

General supporters are listed in a table at the foot of the relevant event page (including links to their websites and social media accounts).

The cost of becoming a “General Supporter” is just £25.

Again, any funds not used during the walk, will be added to the sum donated to Ataxia UK.

If you would like to support any event, and help make it happen, please click the PayPal “Buy Now” button below:

Buy Now Button

Option 3 (completely free). Online shopping.

There is a cost-free way to support me too (and you could even save yourself a few quid at the same time!). Simply do your online shopping, at some of the biggest names in online shopping, via the links in the “KW Fundraising Shop” at:

You just shop (and save) as normal, via the retailers’ own websites. The retailer gives me a few pennies for sending you their way.

You save. And I “walk” some more. Everybody wins!

Thank you for your very kind and generous support!

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