Kilted Walker in the Media

The coverage gained from exposure in the established media (both TV & Press) is far more wide-reaching than the exposure I gain just by “walking” and talking to the people who I meet. So when it comes to raising awareness, exposure in the established TV & press is always being sought.

To date, previous walks have been covered by:

STV (the national TV broadcaster in Scotland):

Sunday Post (the second-biggest Scottish Sunday newspaper):

Arran Banner (the weekly newspaper on the Isle of Arran)

The article is not available online, but an image of the printed article (February 25th):


Ayrshire Post (the biggest-selling regional weekly newspaper in Ayrshire – my local newspaper).

Not only was the story featured on the inner pages, as expected, but the Ayrshire Post editor obviously recognised the “local/human interest” value of the story – and splashed  a large photograph on the front page!

The article has now made its way onto the online version of the Daily Record (the biggest-selling Scottish daily tabloid newspaper):

Ataxia Magazine Ataxia UK highlighted my walk through Spain in Issue 196 (page 4):

Like Riding A Bicycle (Travel Blog, written by Danielle Ditzian, who highlights the difficulties of travelling with a disability in her “Inside the Enabled Mindset” series):

Grand Lille TV (the local daily TV News channel in Lille/northern France):

Video clip is unavailable.

Gazzetta di Parma (the local daily newspaper in Parma, Italy).

The article was printed in Italian (for the local audience):


And there’s more….

If this was the sum of the exposure that my walks receive, then I would already be a happy man.

But this is just the icing on the cake.

I take a lot of photographs as I “walk”, and broadcast these, including links to my sponsors’ websites/social media pages, “live” (or within a few hours) to my social media audience that now numbers in excess of 20,000 followers. Mainly on Twitter (@ataxiascot).

A new website?

Yes, is now (now that my wheelchair has arrived, the “walker” part of Kilted Walker seemed a wee bit redundant).

My kilt will still be worn though (it was rather popular, and when it comes to raising awareness, my kilt is unbeatable).

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