Spain. Murcia, Sunday 30th October 2016

Murcia, and what would prove to be the end of the line. For now.


Ah, Che!

If there is one single person who I want to thank for supporting me on this walk, out of the countless people who gave me invaluable support throughout Spain, then it is Che.

In my moment of real need, it was Che (a complete stranger before we met) who contacted an internet-friend of hers (someone who was a complete stranger to me at the time, and who Che only knew “virtually”), and convinced her (the wonderful Selena Gi) to put her six-year-old son in her car – and make a 100km round-trip to help me out, after I had an unfortunate incident in Almeria (I was attacked by two young thugs).

A complete stranger helping another complete stranger. Just on the “say-so” of someone I’d only just met?

Strangers can be the most amazing people!

I’ll *never* be able to tell Che just how thankful I was.

And I don’t think that I have ever met a non-Scot who loves Scotland more than Che.


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