Spain. L’Ametlla de Mar, Saturday 1 October 2016


After interrupting my walk for 4 weeks (while it cooled down a bit in Spain – it was just *too* hot), I returned to Reus and the exact spot that I had left from.


I can’t say how much I love Google Maps. They have helped me a million times on this walk.

However, sometimes they get it very wrong. My worst experience was in Barcelona, at the end of the Gran Via. According to Google there was just one exit that I should take to reach El Prat airport. So it should have been a pretty straightforward walk. Well, there are now FIVE roads! And the road that was there, no longer exists.

The second time Google Maps got it wrong actually led to me walking alone (well, except for the wee birds whose songs accompanied me), along this unused little road (on the way south to l’Ametlla de Mar) between the railway line and the sea.



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